Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pour It Out. Start Again.

I had to do a tough job today.
I had to pour well brewed wort down the drain.
I was too upset to even take a picture of it.
I mashed. I sparged. I adjusted my water with new knowledge I recently gained about ions and stuff.
Then, when I was chilling, I put my combination thermometer/hydrometer in the kettle to see how close I was getting to 68 degrees. The wort was swirling and caught the hydrometer, breaking it against the copper coil.
I shrieked. No kidding.
I couldn't believe I worked all afternoon on what I hoped would be an improved American IPA and all I could do was look at the wort and try unsuccessfully to think of a reason to transfer to the fermenter anyway.
Glass and whatever is inside a thermometer could surely not be removed with any confidence.
So I poured.
I'll start over in a week or two.

Meanwhile, the Belgian Tripel I made two weeks ago is still fermenting. I'm not sure what to think. This is the longest fermentation (except for lagers) I have ever had.
Nothing to do but wait, keg it, drink it and see what it tastes like.