Sunday, September 8, 2019

Oh Yeah. I Almost Forgot About This Blog

So its been a minute.  Two years, in fact.
But don't think I'm not making beer.  I've brewed about 50 times since my last post.
First lets catch up on some things.
The kegerator project went south on me.  After I painted the thing, got the holes drilled, installed the taps and poured about 3 kegs out of it, the compressor failed and it became junk.  Then, over the same weekend, my fermentation vault stopped too.  So I pushed both out to the front lawn and called the junk collector.

Now I'm looking toward my now 10-year-old dorm fridge to do the dispensing and thankfully, a friend donated an updated kitchen fridge to me.  I put a temperature controller on the side and started again.
There have been vacations and a life event or two during the last 24 months.
I renovated a couple of rooms in our house.  Learned a few things about flooring along the way.

I'm thinking about re-branding this blog.  After all, we've lived in Nashville for about 8 years now and it might be time to let the BCB domain go to somebody who'll use it in Memphis.  Lots of new breweries down there now.  I'm rooting for all of them.
Finally, today, I'm making an IPA that leans in the direction of Bells Two Hearted.
This is the third try at this beer.  It's a good beer.  It's still short of being a great beer.  Still working on it.
As always,...Good Beer To You