Monday, February 10, 2014


Sorry it's been a while but Winter is here and I am trying to make beer as often as possible.
I'm fermenting in the downstairs bath so I can fill up my beer room and ultimately keep the fridge well stocked with well made beer.

I've brewed about every week since the beginning of the year.
My fridge is swelling with beer.
But I'm concerned with my Oktoberfest.  I made it twice this Fall. and recently have had a side by side tasting of both versions.

Don't let the different names throw you off.  Eric's was first.  
I turned the yeast around for a second batch the day after I bottled it.
I tasted both a few days ago and can find no significant differences between them.
These beers are decent.  Just not great.
Don't misunderstand.  They're both a pretty good representation of the Oktoberfest style. 
Both have a good drinkability. 
But my standards are pretty high and this beer isn't the greatest. 
I put this beer in a Memphis competition so I guess we'll see what the judges say.

Good Beer To You.