Monday, December 3, 2012

Packaging Beer

I've had keg problems for a while now.
I would fill them with beer and force carbonate them only to find that most of the gas leaked out within 12 hours or so leaving me with well made, but flat, beer.
I have avoided doing anything about the problem and focused on bottle conditioning.
This weekend I decided to package my Octoberfest in bottles to keep from ruining it in a leaky keg.
And hey, this is a beer I want in bottles anyway.  It's a beer I like having in stock but drink only occassionally.  In fact, the 3 bottles on the right are left over from the November 2011 batch.

Anyway I googled some kegging stuff and decided to re-build my 3 Cornelius kegs.
I immediately ordered a dip tube brush, new O-rings and some Keg Lube from a reputable homebrew supply.
When the stuff got to the house I scrubbed the vessels clean with Oxy Clean.
Oxy Clean is a 2-sided coin. 
It's fairly inexpensive and does a good job but you need to rinse it off very well.  I mean really rinse it off.
I let the kegs soak overnight and took them apart before scrubbing the inside, outside, lids, dip tubes, connectors and poppets.
Then I dried everything off, put on the Keg Lube, re-assembled everything and hooked up the gas.
These kegs are holding gas well, even at a fairly low PSI.
I feel accomplished.
I can't wait to get some beer made so I can test my new draft skills.
Good beer to you.