Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Carboys Runneth Over

Late last week I made a Blonde Ale and an American Stout using the yeast from the Pale I made a week earlier.  I racked the beer and saved the trub, pitching it into the wort the same day.  Both beers started well.
The gravity looks good for the Stout.  I think this will be a good beer.  I don't make it often but I'm beginning to like the style more.
All this brewing means just about every fermenting vessel I have is full right now.  I'll package the Pale on Thursday and slow down for a while.
I'm back into the mire of the plan for my brewery project.  The details seem to multiply logarithmically every time I look at the materials.
Right now I'm looking for some counsel on landing a site for it and the determination of build out costs. 
I'm also looking for like minded principals to join me.  I know I can't run this thing alone and I need a couple of co-founders who also believe in the transformative and synergistic power of beer.
In the end it's more about community and connection.  Beer is a great vehicle for this.  My dream is to have a product and a place people will use to meet and collaborate on everything from the monumental to the minimal. 
Of course, I hope to collaborate about new and exciting beer as well.
Good Beer To You

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Browns, Bitters and a double batch of Pale

Things have been busy at my house this Summer.  I bottled an American Brown ale today.  And I packaged up an Ordinary Bitter on Tuesday.  I have been mowing the yard and taking care of the cars and the business plan for my brewery project has been languishing.
But with our daughter back in school and my shift change at work I can get back to it.  I find the more I write, the more there is to write, but answering questions about every aspect of the business makes the process, and the project more interesting.
Last Friday I made a double batch of Pale.  Half for the keg and half to be bottled.  This brew is about as much volume as my mash tun and kettle can handle.
The volume was so close to the lip I thought I was going to have a boil over a couple of times.
I was pleased with the gravity. 
I was one point short of the target but closer than I thought I might get under the circumstances.  I do not usually handle this much wort.
I split the starter I made from a package of California Ale Yeast and some saved wort and pitched it into the beer divided into two carboys.
Fermentation looks good.
Peace.  Family.  Beer.