Friday, June 24, 2011

So Long Memphis

On May 28th, my daughter, Hallie and I officially joined  my wife, Jennifer in Nashville.
Jennifer started a new job here in March but Hallie needed to finish the first grade so I stayed with her in Memphis while we readied the house for sale.

We had only been gone for a few days when we received an offer and, while working out details of the sale,  I have been travelling to Memphis meeting repair professionals and movers.  We closed on Wednesday and I shut the door on the Memphis brewery for good.

I guess that leaves BCB a bit up in the air.
It might not be appropriate to write a blog about 'Making and Drinking Beer in Memphis' from Nashville since I will no longer be making it there, although I am excited about the Memphis beer scene and will enjoy Memphis beer when I'm in town.
I don't want to completely re-brand either.  So I'll need to change my slogan to something that reflects what I'm going to do in middle Tennessee.
For now I'll just remove the word Memphis from my header until I figure everything out.
I do want to join the local home brew club here.  The Music City Brewers are a really good bunch of men and women who, besides being skilled brewers, made our Home Brew Extravaganza 2011 a great success with their volunteerism and considerable knowledge.  I want to be a part of such a club.
I want to make great beer here too, but that probably needs to wait until I can get the family and my equipment settled in a new house.  Right now everything is buried in the small garage that came with our apartment.

I've managed to bring a bit of beer along to Nashville but supplies are running low and I'll need to make more soon.