Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bitter October

I decided to make the best use of my yeast.
I made a Best Bitter right before we went on vacation.
This is a good beer.  I find myself rationing it over time as my supply diminishes.
So I thought, why not make two batches so I can enjoy it throughout the year as I continue to make my core group of American Ales. 
I have the yeast, after all. since I bottled Bellevue's Best Bitter yesterday.
So I made it again.
 Good mash temperature.  Decent efficiency.
I think I'll drop this one into the keg and save the bottles I packaged yesterday for the Winter/Spring drinking season.
Same with the Oktoberfest I made nearly a month ago.
My good neighbor, Eric likes this beer so I'll keg the batch I've got in the fermenter now and turn the yeast around this weekend for a batch of bottles to make Eric happy for the Winter.
He has mowed my yard twice when I have been out of town or out of sorts.
I think he deserves a well made beer.
 And, as always, Good Beer To You too.