Sunday, September 3, 2017

Kegerator Project

As I make Pale this afternoon, I'm getting back to work on a kegerator project started a while back.
At first I wanted to have this old fridge painted at an auto body shop.  But when I really got to the sanding last night I realized that there are too many small dents and scrapes to merit more than a store-bought, matte finish paint job.
Here's how it looked before I started peeling stickers and wiping grease and oil off of it.
Phase one of the transformation began last night.
This fridge still works but in case it stops 15 minutes after I get everything done, I don't want to spend much money on it.
I'm not sure if I want to take off the emblem at the top.  If it's glued, that's ok but I don't want to rip it off, only to find a couple of holes in the door I won't like looking at.
After the paint comes a couple of intentional holes for the simple wall tap, a new gasket for the door, a small CO2 tank and some tubing.

Beer people problems.


Good Beer To You.