Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Cracked Carboy

I've been lax about blogging for a few weeks.
And there have been things to report.
The Belgian Tripel was infected. I tossed it.
I'm a bit surprised too. I mean, I've not had an infected beer for years.
So I cleaned and cleaned. Bleached my fermentation vault. Soaked my airlocks, tubing and stoppers.
Then I made a double batch of session Pale about 10 days ago with a yeast starter I was going to pitch on the ill fated IPA.
I kegged the 2nd carboy of it last night. It tasted young and, of course, not carbonated, but pretty good.
As I cleaned the carboy, though, I noticed a small crack in the middle of the bottom.
I've heard urban legends about brewers losing fingers and hands when carboys break unexpectedly so I tossed it into the dumpster. I still have my arms and fingers.
I hope this is the last setback Bluff City Brewing will have for a while.
Good Beer To You.