Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mike Lee's Belgian Golden Ale

Every year the Great American Beer Festival celebrates home brewers and pro brewers alike by holding a Pro Am competition. Pro brewers all over the country choose a local home brew to be represented in the event. The winning recipe is brewed in the professional brew house and taken to the GABF to be judged against the other winners nationwide.
This year's Memphis winner is Mike Lee. His "Illegally Blonde" Belgian Golden went on tap at Bosco's this weekend. The off-white head did not last long but this beer smells wonderful with lots of nice phenols. From the first sip I got a nice soft sweetness with a bit of clove and a spicy, yet restrained hop character. The beer finished nice and smooth. Our friends at Bosco's did a great job making this delicious ale.
I'm proud to be one of the Bluff City Brewers cheering for Mike and Bosco's to win this year.

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