Monday, March 28, 2011

Bottling an American Brown

Bottling day isn't usually something a homebrewer looks forward to.  My brown ale could have benefited from another day or two in the fermenter, but I needed the yeast for an American Pale I was to make the following day and I decided 7 days (instead of 10) to finish this beer would be just fine.
With our family in the middle of a move to Nashville, Jennifer is not home part of the week and I have to be a single dad. 
Getting the job done and spending time with my daughter meant that I would have to employ a helper.
Hallie did a great job.  After I filled the bottles she carefully placed a clean cap on each so that I could crown them with my capper.

This will be a good beer.  Malty and bready with a strong hop flavor.
Too bad Hallie won't be able to try any of it for about 14 years.
Anyway she says "beer is not for girls."

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