Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Carboys Runneth Over

Late last week I made a Blonde Ale and an American Stout using the yeast from the Pale I made a week earlier.  I racked the beer and saved the trub, pitching it into the wort the same day.  Both beers started well.
The gravity looks good for the Stout.  I think this will be a good beer.  I don't make it often but I'm beginning to like the style more.
All this brewing means just about every fermenting vessel I have is full right now.  I'll package the Pale on Thursday and slow down for a while.
I'm back into the mire of the plan for my brewery project.  The details seem to multiply logarithmically every time I look at the materials.
Right now I'm looking for some counsel on landing a site for it and the determination of build out costs. 
I'm also looking for like minded principals to join me.  I know I can't run this thing alone and I need a couple of co-founders who also believe in the transformative and synergistic power of beer.
In the end it's more about community and connection.  Beer is a great vehicle for this.  My dream is to have a product and a place people will use to meet and collaborate on everything from the monumental to the minimal. 
Of course, I hope to collaborate about new and exciting beer as well.
Good Beer To You

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