Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh! delicious Brown Ale!

I made an American Brown today while I was watching my daughter and doing housework. I always start drinking the finished keg thinking, "Not bad,..." But as the beer matures I fall in love with it, eventually discovering this truth only as the vessel goes dry. The cycle starts all over when I begin planning to replicate the magic by making it again.
Today I hit all brewing parameters within a narrow, but acceptible range.
The beer seems to have come out well despite various distractions.
After all, she's five, I am her father and even beer should yield to this responsibility. There was lunch and a plan to make a fort out of nearly every pillow in the house.
I just hope that I can teach her to love art in some form. It does not have to be the brewing arts. Of course, it cannot be for many years. But I do want her to have a desire to express herself through a creative act.
I hope for her the same joy I experience when I make a delicous Brown Ale.

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  1. Just came to your blog (via your bride's plug on facebook) and wanted to say this post is really a great (understated) ode to beer. You inspired me to break out the brewpot after a long hiatus - I haven't figured out how to brew and play with the kids simultaneously yet - but I'll be searching out time-saving ideas to keep me back in the game. I'll be trying a batch sparge next week. I am enjoying your blog.