Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bottling The Single-Wide I.P.A.

This beer is a fairly loose attempt to clone Boulevard's Single-Wide I.P.A. I had this beer at the brewery in March and loved it, recently finding it at the West Memphis Walgreens.
The Boulevard web site gave all the hop varieties, the IBU's and the gravity so I went from there using ProMash to design the recipe. Not knowing much about the grist except generalities I decided to use the grain bill from my regular I.P.A. recipe. I did not have one of the hops, Pallisade, but I went ahead anyway.
At packaging time this beer tastes good. We'll see if the judges think so too.
I decided to bottle the whole batch instead of doing a keg and a 12-pack. This way I can make good on a few beer promises I've made.
Besides, after expelling the spent hops and dead yeast, I barely would have had enough to fill a 1/6 barrel and I'm going to need a few to be packaged up for competition.
I also racked a couple of beers today.
The Winter Bock needs to warm up for a couple of days to finish, and the American Pale needs to dry hop for a week.
I'm about half-way through making the beers I want to have ready by February.
So much beer to be made, so little time to make it.

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