Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bock To The Future

I had the morning off work one day this week and decided to package up my Dopplebock.
The finishing gravity was a bit high at 1.023 but I hope the strength of the beer will help mask the sweetness left behind by the yeast.

I'll let it finish in the bottle for a few weeks and then lager it for a couple of months and hope that it corrects itself.
In hindsight I probably should have raised the temperature in the vault to about 70 for a few days to make sure it was done before I got so deep into the bottling process.
Not a big deal, though.  This is an educational beer. 
I can make my regular menu of Pales, Browns, Blondes and Stouts like AB can make Bud.  The same great beer every time.
But this is a new style, new yeast and a slightly different process.
I'm not at all unhappy with this beer because of the added skill it will give as I taste it and evaluate it's flaws and strengths.
As I wait to try this as a fully carbonated beer, I'll try to study this style a bit more.
Good Beer To You.

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