Friday, June 28, 2013

It's Summer Again

The sun is out and the beer is nearly ready.
I made a Hefeweizen a couple of weeks ago and decided to bottle it yesterday.
I got 59 bottles of lawnmower beer.  This will probably last a year since I don't really drink this style.
I do know a few people who like it so I make it in the late Spring.
I also cleaned out the fermentation chamber today as I boiled up a Pale to put in it.
This thing doesn't look like much but it's a vital part of my brewery, especially during the warm months.  Best $50 I ever spent.
The business plan is moving at a much faster rate these days.  I joined the Brewers Association to get access to the market data I need to accurately forecast success or failure of my project.
I'm quickly learning that finding a building is problematic.  It has to be the right building in the right place.  Not too close to the school or church.  It has to have various attributes like adequate water supply and sewer lines.  This will be tougher than I thought but I'm pressing on anyway.  I'll try to be more regular with my posts.
Good Beer To You

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