Saturday, November 26, 2016

Session IPA on Game Day

The Bitter turned out well, as expected.  It's in the keg and pouring well.
Today's glass features our friends at Bosco's Memphis.
5 years in Nashville and we still miss you guys.
The Octoberfest and RyePA are conditioning in the beer room.
And I'm making Session IPA on a beautiful college game day.
This beer has been a winner for me.  Less alcohol. Great flavor.
The grist seems a little busy.
I think the first version of this beer was limited by the grains I had on hand.
But it turned out well so I'll make it the same way.
Finally, with Thanksgiving still fresh on my mind, Im looking at my beer fridge.
I see a collage of what I'm thankful for.
My wife, my daughter.

And, of course, beer.
Colorado plays at 630 central.
Good Beer To You

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