Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nice Easy Beer on a Nice Easy Sunday

No, I'm not having one just yet.  It's not even noon.
But I am making one.  A favorite style of mine.  Ordinary Bitter.
I love session beers because I love big taste and small alcohol.
This beer has a few rich grains in it.
But to me the base grain (called Maris Otter) is what gives it the taste I love.
The mash came in a bit hot at 156 but I'm not worried.  I want this to be sort of a dry beer.

English ale is the yeast.  I made this beer a couple of times in the Spring to get me through the Summer.
They went fast.
This one probably will too.

Next I'm thinking about making a Vienna Lager.
Sam Adams or Devil's Backbone style.
Suggestions on a recipe are welcome as I have never made a Vienna Lager before.

Good Beer To You

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