Saturday, December 28, 2019

This Hop Was a Flop, Maybe.

The Pale Ale I made with Cashmere hops disappoints me.
I'm not shy about bragging regarding my Pale but this substitution completely changed the character of the beer into a flavor profile I don't really like.  The beer reminds me of one of those really tart east coast IPAs.
I'm more of a traditionalist Pale dude.  Sierra Nevada Pale, Mirror Pond, etc.  So I'm not really digging this one.
But I think somebody might.

I'm going to draw a few growlers off the keg and give them to a couple of brewers and beer peeps I know to see what they think.
This beer might be a bust for me but could be something I make again for somebody else.
My palate is the end all, be all, but only for me.
Others might find this beer delicious.

In other news, I was on vacation for a week and managed to make beer twice and head down to Star Wars Land at Disney for a couple of days.
Today I packaged my 2nd and 3rd beers in as many weeks.  One of them is an Amber in the keg on the left, above.  The other two are an IPA I made on vacation and the Raspberry Porter I made a couple of weeks ago.

I'm trying to improve the IPA with a bit of Acidulated Malt.  I think the bitterness might be more defined and present.
The Porter was a try at something I had years ago.  I checked it last night.
Not bad but not great.  Drinkable.
I think more porter and less raspberry next time.
I'll let my Cursillo brothers sample this one for some feedback.
Happy Holidays! And, of course,...  Good Beer To You.

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