Friday, June 29, 2012

New gear in service today

Last week I started to make a Brown and got a stuck sparge.  The wort stopped about a quarter of the way through.  I had to transfer it to a couple of buckets while I cleared the not so obvious obstruction.  I put the wort back to the tun and the same thing happened again, 3 times.
This phenomena has happened before but not nearly as much.
I think that my old plastic false bottom, that I have used for 7 years, is softening under the heat and weight of the mash and pushes the opening against the bottom of the mash tun.
I suspected the tube connecting to the spigot as well so I replaced them both.
The new screen is stainless and, I presume, will not fail.  The new tubing is heat resistant silicone.
As I sparge this American Brown the thing has now stopped twice making me think that there is more to do.  A small adjustment to the valve has fixed the problem both times so I think there might be some grain getting caught in the flow out to the kettle.
I will monitor the performance of the new stuff carefully.
Peace, love, beer.

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