Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tiny Batches

I'm down to one bottle of American Pale 208 so I've decided to make some tomorrow morning.  I was at the brew shop earlier, getting the grist for this beer and an IPA, unsure about wether spend money on fresh yeast.  I am pretty confident of the California Ale yeast I harvested a few weeks ago so I decided to get some dry malt and grow up two good samples tonight while I sleep.
I boiled up a half pound of dry malt, chilled it and split it, and the harvested 1056, into a couple of sanitized growlers.  This way I'll be able to make beer tomorrow and then on Saturday before I go to work.
I don't really need to have more beer over here but I think making beer relieves more of the stress from my job than drinking it does.

Naah... drinking it is very relaxing.

Anyway, I'm making Pale at 8AM.

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