Monday, March 5, 2012

A Win For Pale Ale

It's a couple of weeks late but I need to mention the gold medal my American Pale won in Memphis last month.
The results of this competition are a mixed bag for me.
While I'm proud (and a bit shocked) that my American Pale got 3rd Best of Show at Homebrew Extravaganza, I'm also aware that it was one of 7 beers I sent down there.
The other 6, I thought, were competition worthy but none of them placed.
This tells me that I have much more to learn and, more importantly, that more brewers in Memphis are making great beer.  The competition is getting tougher, and that's a good thing.
Cheers to all who entered the Memphis competition.  If you placed with your beer enjoy the recognition.  If your beer didn't place then you can enjoy the learning experience the scoresheets can give.  I've said more than once that winning is great but the information on the scoresheets is the real treasure.
I'm excited to see what treasure my scoresheets will bring.
Good Beer To You

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